What Pinpoint Concerts Is All About

Pinpoint Concerts is a new and simple way to find out when the bands you love are playing, a way to connect with your concert-going friends, a way to discover new artists, and share your entire concert experience; all for free.

Pinpoint Concerts is a unique, social concert search and recommendation engine made by concertgoers, for concertgoers. We're not some faceless corporation, we're a few guys and gals who go to a lot of shows, and we know what it's like to try to hunt for all the best events in your city. With Pinpoint, you can easily track all your favorite artists, venues, and events to make sure you never again miss a show because you didn't know about it. We know concerts are social and with Pinpoint you can share the live experience like never before, by seeing the shows your friends are going to, discovering the music they're listening to, and sharing all the photos, videos and crazy stories from the big night. Getting started is easy!

We've integrated with about a dozen amazing music and social sites so you can start finding shows and getting meaningful recommendations for concerts in your area tonight. You can teach Pinpoint about the music you like by linking up with your existing Facebook , Spotify , Pandora , or last.fm accounts. Although we're perfect for concert junkies we are a fantastic way for the casual music fan to make sure they never miss their favorite band play again.

With Pinpoint Concerts and Pinpoint Music, discovering new bands is easy. We're constantly covering the latest and most interesting music with features, interviews, photos, videos and more. When you're looking for shows on Pinpoint Concerts we'll let you listen to them on Spotify; you're one click away from an endless amount of music. Pinpoint also loves free stuff and we're constantly giving away tickets to see our favorite bands play shows at our favorite venues.

So come hang out, and stay a while.